International Washington Institute
معـــــهد واشنـــــطن الــدولـــى

Welcome to International Washington Institute (IWI)

Our Vision is to become the regional leader of training worldwide acknowledge Institute, providing a high quality of learning                         experience, building on our obtainable strength to attain an international accreditation in the Middle East.
Our Mission is to realize our Vision for providing the highest quality of training services delivered, with the aim of promoting                             standards and exceeding customer expectation.
International Washington Institute (IWI) is one of the largest independent IT, languages, HR & accounting training company. Through an integrated learning approach that ensures that new knowledge can be applied to real life situations, International Washington Institute (IWI) delivers a full range of technology and business skills training from basic application and desktop productivity tools to complex and IT systems. we  train you on the latest computers Dual Cores and LCD screens in our computer labs, Cinematic and Plasma screens for viewing  educational videos in the languages halls.
Working hours start from 10:00 AM. to 10:00 PM. - Training is available on Fridays and public holidays
IWI- INTERNATIONAL WASHINGTON INSTITUTE uses Cambridge University  & Microsoft Co. , Official Curriculum, taught by certified instructors; to prepare for different types of Microsoft programs.

Vision & Mission

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